• Evaluation of suppliers

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    Today, the topic I want to talk about is the management of our partners, and to be more precise, an easy system to manage their performance on a measurable and clean way using an evaluation of them.

  • Introduction to BSC

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    The idea behind the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is something that amuse me for it's strength. In this article I want to explain the basics of this strategy management tool to translate it to your management system (MS) in an actionable way, without the complexity of the full system.
    The BSC is a management system used by a number of succesfull companies to traslate the vision of their top managers to the bottom of the company.
     I first heard about the BSC reading an article of Harvard Business Review, and latter on a workshop about it and on an MBA. I tried to apply it pn a number of departments under my control, but at the end it was hard to maintain, mainly because the maturity of the department was too low to deploy a MS mature as it is the BSC. Either way, there were some usefull principles that can give a kick to your company. Today we'll explain two of them.
  • Is IT giving me what I need?

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    As IT manager I've seen dozens of examples of organizations where IT is a stone towards the progress and the evolution of your business, and since ten years ago, when I started managing departments of IT I hear in every event I've been related to IT management the gap that exists between the IT department and the business...and after ten years the problem is still there if not worse, so, what's the root problem?

  • Is the Cloud what I need?

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    Let's face it: Everybody talks about the cloud, even the general media! But what is the cloud? Is another .com bluf? or is something that will prevail?
    IT has the ability to create new words of things that already exists, but with fancy names. Some people will think that the cloud is another one, but it has deeper implications. Today we'll talk about them and I'll analyze the pros and cons of a new business model in the computer industry that can change the way we use the computers and more importantly, the way we store and use applications.Maybe you have read a lot of articles about the cloud. I'm sure you have the tipical examples of dropbox or gmail that give you a consumerization of IT, but as a CEO or a manager on a company, you have to see the implications of the cloud and how they can benefit your company.